Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Farmer in the Dell

Today I had the chance to finally plant another box that I had planned and assembled years ago. It was great to run into the Perry Family, trade letterboxing stories, meet the hens, sample some home brew, and visit the "three corner wood," leaving something behind.

If you've never been to Perrydell Farm Dairy, it is a neat place to visit, especially if you're with your family.  In season they have a small corn maze, perfect for young children.  If you time it right, you can watch the cows being milked from the milking parlor. You can always pet the young calves. They have a nice self-guided tour of the facility.

The store is great too.  I highly recommend their skim milk.  It is higher in fat content yet still falls within the skim percentage designation. No "blue" milk here! The chocolate milk is like a milkshake and you won't be disappointed with any sundae, especially those made with local fresh fruit (strawberry, peach, etc.) in season.

got milk?

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The Royal Fish said...

I pulled this listing today. As Perrydell has a business to run, they should not have to be concerned about people driving on their farm to seek a letterbox. It never occurred to me that anyone would try to drive, rather than walk, to the letterbox. :( So out of respect I pulled the listing.