Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Going Postal

I've been meaning to get there for a while, but today with the rain and Ralph Spoilsport's need for petri dishes, I figured this was the perfect time to get over to 17315. I enjoyed meeting Shawn. He was very polite, helpful, and friendly. The box was perfectly appointed and it was a great find on a wet day.  And, it was a good distraction from worrying about what Ralph plans on growing in those dishes! HA!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Here's To...

... taking a diferent path than 
usual and celebrating your Slimy anniversary!

A TV in the Woods

I was strolling along the Enola Low Grade, trying to train my dragon when we stopped to catch a show about a little red caboose powered by windmills.  Must've been that methane gas...

Lunch in Holland

Today Blue Delft and I enjoyed lunch and a beautiful uitzicht vanaf de windmolen If there had been tulips I might have thought I was in Holland. Ok, not really... But it was quite nice for south central Pennsylvania!



Heading downhill through the ravines was much easier than heading up. But meeting Johnny Cash, a cheetah, a Freisian horse, and snacking on a cookie made the challenging hike much more enjoyable! 

High Point of the Day

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Lauxmont and High Point vista points. Outstanding and right here in York County! Go figure!


Blue Delft and idlemoon like to create the best presents for each others' birthdays and the rest of us get to benefit!

These two craft the best appointed, sweetest, most clever gifts for each other. I just love finding these surprises.

I also get to learn a little bit about each of them in the finding - like what their favorite things are.   And then there was the lump. So fun!

Fish Go Blub

I am so thrilled and honored to know this ancient secret! It is one of my favorites!


Years ago I was visiting my Uncle John in Palo Alto. I knew he lived across the street from a park and I wanted to leave something behind so I carved this out of an eraser. When I scouted the park I realized how busy it was and I never found a suitable hiding spot. So I ended up bringing it home and forgetting about it for a while. A couple of years later, I was at this beautiful park watching a cross country meet where the kids ran right past the bathrooms on their way up a tough incline. It seemed like an appropriate spot.