Sunday, September 25, 2011

Missing: The Cure for Scurvey

I just got a message from Little Louie that the Cure for Scurvey's stamp is separated from its logbook and is missing. 

Apparently, it was last seen in West Virginia where it was picked up at a rest stop.  LL said that the logbook was wet in a baggie but the box it was in was not wet.  Strange...

Any information on the whereabouts of the stamp would be appreciated. Many thanks!  And shout out thanks to Little Louie for contacting me!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

No Apple Pie in the Dutch Oven today

From the Nut we headed over to the Dutch Oven, also in Codorus State Park.  The box was hidden in the best hidey hole.  And there was the cutest little toad hopping all around. I was afraid that I was going to step on him.  But he hopped up behind the bark of the hidey hole tree for safety.  I tried to get a picture of him but he was too fast.

As recent finders had been reporting, the stamp from the Dutch Oven was missing.  I looked all around the area thinking that maybe it was among the leaves and bark but I was not able to find it.  I've decided to keep the Dutch Oven active even though it is missing its stamp.  Hopefully between Pappa Bear and myself, we can get a replacement there soon. 

From the Dutch Oven, we went to find the Apple Pie but I looked all around and it is definitely missing.

Adopted Nut

You might remember that I adopted a handful of Pappa Bear's boxes.  We had been getting some reports of box issues so I decided to enjoy a late summer morning in Codorus State Park.  I was looking forward to it because I hadn't actually found these boxes before myself.  I there's nothing better than a Pappa Bear Codorus State Park box!

So I rounded up a few friends and headed out.  We found the Nut with no problem.  And what a mess the box was!  Ink was dripping and leaking all over inside.  I came prepared and provided the maintenance needed, replacing baggies and cleaning up all the ink.  And the carving did not disappoint!  We loved it!