Sunday, April 24, 2011

No Rain on a "Rainy" day

It wasn't raining at all, but we went to Long Pond Beach to check out where it was raining frogs. I found it with no problem. The box was completely exposed so I hid it well, using a few small rocks and bark. Quick and easy, perfect for this beautiful Easter day.

An unexpected meeting

As I was basking in the glory of my trip around the world, I took some time in the afternoon to visit a few of my ancestors in the Brewster area,
Chillingsworth Foster (1680 - 1764), his wife, Marcy Freeman Foster (1687 – 1720), and her father, John Freeman (1651 – 1721).

Anyway, I've had a letterbox ready to plant that I wanted to put in a cemetery and was checking this one out to see if it would be suitable. As I was walking the perimeter of the cemetery yard I found an upside down container. When I picked it up and looked closer it was a letterbox. I didn't know where to hide it, I didn't even realize that any were planted here. So I brought it back with me and sent the owner a message. The box was missing a logbook which I replaced. Two days later I returned and hid the letterbox in its correct spot. I was unexpectedly pleased to meet Mr. Jonathan Cobb and have a little tour of his family. Unfortunately, Reliance was was not there, but her hollow was hard to miss.


Denied. I really thought I found the meeting of the 2 wooden Chiefs and Wild Dove. Apparently I didn't. *sigh* Will keep trying...

Since I was in the neighborhood...

Since the hike is pretty short, Hydeezmom and I dropped by Pah Wah to check in there. Everything was in order.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Around the World before lunch

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to celebrate New Years?! I made some incorrect assumptions about the starting point but soon got squared away. T1 (of Travelers4 fame) recommended that I bring pens. I was really glad I did. The images I got are really wonderful. A great way to tour around the world in one morning!