Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Cake Day to Me!

Yesterday marked my 5th year anniversary of finding my first letterbox.  Today marks my 5th year of being an Atlas Quest member. To commemorate the occasion, we were planning on heading out on some adventures yesterday but then the darkening sky opened up and it rained pretty hard, especially for having only a 20% chance of showers. 

The Caped Coder came through for me today and we headed out despite the cold, windy, and raw conditions.  Our first stop was unexpected.  Thanks to the heads up from idlemoom, we were able to score an amazing box.  It was so impressive, a really awesome carving, a specially appointed box, and a clever and thoughtful gift.  After wishing Fijne Verjaardag! to Blue Delft (and a Gelukkig Jaarfeest to me) we moved on to part two of our outing.

We enjoyed the big open space and the views of the horses.  Even they were wearing coats.  It was great to get out and stretch to grab the boxes.  But then it was so chilly that we ran back to the car just so we could stamp in without our fingers and ink pads freezing.

We gave thanks to the farmers and we met a horse named Belle.  We also came across the soul saver #2 and the empire strikes back.  All in all a very productive day. 

Special thanks to all who made my mini celebration possible and fruitful!  ;)