Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stony Brook

Over at the herring run in Brewster we had a beautiful walk. There's a fantastic little picnic area with a delightful vantage point.  Although I've been to this spot several times before, I hadn't taken in the view from this spot before.  I greatly enjoyed the local color.

Unfortunately, the herring wasn't spawning today. But the spot was gorgeous and we were glad to walk around and check things out.

The grist mill is also quite scenic and not to be missed!

Dizzy? Maybe. Itchy? No!

It was great to avoid the poison ivy at Kent's Point!  I enjoyed the spinney too!

Adventures in Eastham

Of course we were familiar with the Evergreen Cemetery. Not only had we been here before but it is just across the street from Arnold's and that's hard to miss.  A lot of people love Arnold's but I don't believe they serve pasta.  More like lobster rolls and fried clam strips.

As we were exploring the cemetery, we encountered a coyote.  That was pretty exciting for us.  Fortunately, it didn't take much interest in us but we were a bit spooked to see it out in broad daylight.

Of all the time I've spent on the Cape exploring and I've never met the three sisters. I have never even heard of them.  Until now.

They were very cool to visit. We will have to return in the off season so we can get to the images that eluded us today.

On our way out we spotted this guy making a trek across the road.  We stopped and provided crossing guard services to make sure he was safe. We don't see box turtles around like we used to!

Monday, July 29, 2013


After dropping the kids off at the yacht club, I walked across the street and met Snowy.  An adorable little guy in a beautiful spot.