Saturday, July 19, 2014

Soaking it in

Fort Hill View
I absolutely adore Cape Cod.  We often talk about living here some day.  But for now I have to settle for a handful of weeks each year.  So when my time here is over I get very despondent and just want to soak in as much of the area's beauty and fun as possible.  So today, in between loads of laundry and packing I stole a few minutes to take in a visit to Fort Hill, Penniman's House, the Eastham windmill, and to Stage Harbor in Chatham.

Eastham Windmill
Funny story about our trip to Penniman's House. The visit went great. Hot Lava was telling me about how he played the game camouflage when he visited here with his camp.  It was a delightful walk to find the box. A really great hidey hole. It was a little buggy as we rounded a bend but then as it opened up to the view the bugs left us alone.  Just then we spooked a large deer who bounded away from us.

Stage Harbor
We sat on the bench and logged in while taking in the views of Fort Hill.  As I was putting my stuff back in my bag I realized that I didn't have my car keys.  I began to freak out a little so Hot Lava and I booked it back, retracing our steps, looking for my dropped keys. We didn't see them.  We raced to my car and realized that not only had I left the car open, but I had left the keys in the car as well.  I guess I was just so excited about getting my fix of letterboxing that I spaced out.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

An Artisan Show at the Brooks Academy

Since we had to drive right past the Brooks Academy to get back home, we decided to stop by. Much to our surprise, there was an artisan show set up right in the sunken garden.

We milled around and I made a few purchases.  Cape Cod artisan shows are the best places to get one-of-a-kind gifts!  So I stocked up on a few.

I was milling around, surreptitiously reading the clues and following the directions. Once I figured out where the box was exactly located I put my purchases down and pretended to arrange all of my bags while I reached down and took care of business of retrieving and logging in.  I don't think anyone even noticed anything out of order.  It was perfect: letterboxing AND shopping all in a beautiful and historic spot.  What a wonderful combination!

History Lesson in Harwich

 At a delightful little hike in Harwich we learned about some Civil War nurses.  Clara Barton I knew about already but was interested to learn of Walt Whitman and Harriet Tubman's involvement in the Civil War.  And I met Dorothea Dix as well.

a cute little swing on the trail
Fortunately there were benches nearby three of the four boxes because there was a man hiking behind us who apparently thought I was relieving myself at the first box. I was squatting down to retrieve it and he kindly gave me some space and looked the other way.  He was so quiet and stealthy I didn't realize how close behind us he was.  It would have been *even more* awkward if he thought I had to "go" again and again (and again) at the other boxes. HA!

A Six Sided Surprise

I nabbed a six sided surprise today. It was superb! And, by the way, it made my fingers all inky too, fil.

Arnold's is pretty fun too. But we didn't stick around to eat this time. We had things to do!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Kent's Point

I knew Kent's Point was a popular spot to walk your dog but I had no idea!  Everyone and their brother was walking their dogs at Kent's Point today!  We were the only ones with our dogs on a leash.  Seriously, are leashes not required in this park?  And what about poop bags?  Also not required apparently. Ick. Hot Lava got a hot mess all over his shoes.  :(

Great walk for us and the dogs, though. Nice views. I was able to find A-bear lying low as well as work out some clue updates for Licks.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Gogo

 I had been here before several times but it is such a nice walk that I thought it would be perfect for the day. Besides, the h2o a gogo gave me another reason to return.

I brought along some others who often complain but they seemed to enjoy it today, much to their surprise.

The views are spectacular and the hike is very nice.  The boardwalk over the swamp is easy to travel and allows great views of the neat ferns, mosses, and shade loving growth.