Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wellfleet Hippie Swamp

The Atlantic White Cedar Swamp trail is where we found but a single greenhead.  Perhaps we didn't see more because the swamp was pretty dried up.

We really enjoyed the walk after our delish lunch at Moby Dick's.  In fact, we enjoyed it so well that we did the boardwalk loop two times!

Some folks in our party were getting squirrel-ly,   running off ahead, and causing havoc.  We had to scurry out of there pretty fast to keep them in tow.

Quote of the day, as Johnny Law would say:  "We don't be knowin' dem like dat!"

After leaving the swamp, by happenstance we drove by Cemetery Road and decided to stop and check out the hippie brick.  We enjoyed looking around this old cemetery.

Uncle Tim's Butterfly

The adventures continued as we headed over to Wellfleet to see Uncle Tim's Butterfly.  It was a nice brief walk on a hot day.  We had to dodge some folks, lovers on the bench and someone telecommuting from the area of the butterfly.  But that added to the fun.

Penniman and Fort Hill

We began our day's adventure at the Penniman House in Eastham.  Cool place to walk around and check out.  From there we set out to see the sights of the Fort Hill Trailexploring and avoiding poison ivy.  We loved the views from Skiff Hill and the Indian Rock was pretty cool too.  Unfortunately, the "old" adventure eluded us but we enjoyed the poem and the trek anyway.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bearberry Hill

Finally! After years of trying to work it into our schedule, today the family was agreeable to tackling the Bearberry Hill hike.

The vistas were amazing.  A nice reward for hiking the sometimes sandy windy and hilly trail.

We took a little side trail to the beach with beautiful cliffs and sprawling sand.  Hot Lava and TNT cooled off in the waves.

We finally made it to the bog house.  No sight of anyone.  We wondered who the bike belonged to...

Picked up a hitch hiker along the way, adding to the perfection of the day.

I highly recommend this hike!  I think it will have   to fit into my favorite top 10 of all time!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Checking on the Transients

Photo is upside down.  I'm posting this remotely and will fix
 it once I can use a real computer.
Today I took my buddies to check on my Wizard.  I had something to drop off and I wanted to make sure things were coming along ok.  I also updated the clues as they didn't make good sense to me now that the vegetation has really grown in.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Strong Island

Ever since we found out that Chatham put walking paths on Strong Island we've been so anxious to go.  Today we finally got the chance and I left a little something behind.

It was very cool.  We saw a white egret nesting, a horse wandering around, and some beautiful overlooks.  We were prepared with bug spray and were able to stay away from the poison ivy which was everywhere off trail.

We can't wait to return to explore some more.


Thanks to Yumgirl who recently planted a wind tamer right in town, an easy stop in between the Cottage Street Bakery (dirt bombs) and the Nauset Surf Shop (a new pair of Toms).

I had been here a time or two before but it was such a beautiful day and nice to stop by again and enjoy the beauty of this vantage point.  Yumgirl also left behind a couple of yummy goodies for us first finders as well as a really cool flea.