Thursday, June 27, 2013

No Luck in Lancaster

One of my kids had day camp at Millersville University so I decided to seek out the highly recommended (and anticipated) Safari Man attractions while I had a few hours to kill.  I found the cemetery with no problem and located the Viet Nam Memorial immediately.

But then things weren't so easy....

I followed the clues but it was obvious that some major pruning and landscaping work had been done very recently.  There was a finder just 10 days ago.  Unfortunately for me, looks like I just missed it.
The box must've gone missing with all of the recent landscaping.

I quickly texted Blue Delft who confirmed along with her partner in crime, idlemoon, that they remembered the box being hidden under some large arborvitae type of bushes.  Now only two small bushes remain at the back of the circle around the memorial.

Bummer.  I heard it was superb.

And between that, the fresh grave a worker had just begun to dig, the creepiness of being (kind of) alone in a very large graveyard, and the promise of stinging nettles and poison ivy guarding the other boxes, I decided to move on.

I'll be back in the off season to catch up to the ones I passed on today.

Thanks for planting, Safari Man.
Here's a 2008 photo I found of the memorial from online.
 I can see many other bushes that are no longer there.
The adventure was an interesting one none-the-less!  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Long Overdue

There was a time in my letterboxing "career" when I would have set out within a day or at most, a weekend of a new box being planted in my area.  Boy have times changed.  Now my letterboxing habit takes a very back seat to many other things.  But since I was having a sad day realizing that my kids are growing up way too fast, my (no longer a) baby decided to take pity on me and he agreed to hike with me in my favorite local park.

More than a year ago, I was along on the plant for hop along home but it seemed that I was not an official finder until I found it on my own. Which I did today.

Then Hot Lava and I scaled some rocks including a case of rock stairs.

Yikes!...Oh Fudge!  A fawn must've been resting nearby because it jumped right out in front of me and made me scream.  A few moments later I screamed again when I lifted the SPOR to find the box and a snake slithered over the box.   I was jumpy all the rest of the hike.

We had a little trouble finding the protruding "goggly eyes." It is funny to me how many trees I can construe into "protruding googly eyes" and how many of such trees have corresponding V trees with kick stands!  HA! We did persevere and were rewarded with a beautiful delft tile!

It was a super day after all!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Brachycephalic Boys at the Beach

I am not much of a dog lover.  I like dogs from a distance just fine.  You might even be surprised to know that we have two dogs, although I always say they are my husband's dogs and I just let them all (husband included) stay at my house.  ha ha.

So I was away for the weekend with the extended in-laws and it rained.  I was able to drag four noxer extended family members with me over to Ocean View to meet some brachycephalic boys.  It was fun to visit them and reminded us of our boy we had to leave at home.

The stroll was super.  Just the right amount of break from all of the in-law commotion.  We even made a new friend who was guarding the first box.  Although, he (she?) was pretty anti-social.  We tucked him away until we found the second box then circled back to find him again but he had taken off.  We weren't gone that long and couldn't believe he made such headway.

Really glad I got to come here.  Made a rainy day with the in-laws a happy, fun one!