Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Skitchin

The boys wanted more skitchin time so we headed to another spot. While there we checked out the great blue heron.


The wind died down and the temperature wasn't quite as challenging so I packed up the group and headed out of doors for some unplugged time. We took a nice hike around Lake Redman/Williams. Surprisingly, I didn't have any arguments about the hike which pleased me very much. The adventure was great but it was no wonder we weren't prepared enough. TTFN.

P. S. Does anyone know why they are (still) clear-cutting at Lake Redman?


Our first stop today brought us to Lake Redman (or was it Lake Williams - I never can quite tell where one starts and the other stops). It was appropriate that we brought the button since we were visiting all the dogs I've ever loved. I stamped in with one eye on the ice. It seemed pretty solid but I definitely didn't feel like saving anyone's life today.

There were some silver bells waiting for me in the box. I was so pleased for this Christmas goodie. So appropriate.