Monday, October 20, 2008

A Beautiful Day for Maintenance

Last Wednesday, October 15, the kids had off school for in-service and they were driving me crazy. I haven't had the strength to drag them out letterboxing in so long but lately I've been feeling much better and stronger so off we went to do some maintenance on some of our boxes. We headed off to Nixon Park. This park is one of my favorites. Hunting isn't allowed in this park and come this time of year, it is great to not have to worry. It is a great park for kids, big enough that they can run amok but small enough that if they get away from me I know they can't go very far.
Anyway, I checked in on my Nixon box and on Eman's 3rd on the 6th box. Both boxes have been well taken care of. I am really happy with the great care the finders have given these two boxes, many thanks to all of you.