Friday, February 17, 2012

Today's Cruzsade

With another beautiful 50 degree winter day, my letterboxing minions and I set out on a Cruzsade.  Fortunately we came prepared with boots because the mud was deep.  The Button came too.  We had a great time on the way to Goblin City.  The big pile of rocks was a big hit.

We also stopped by the Hostile Hostel.  I just love these things.  This one in particular has the most fantastic host carving and a large assortment of hitch hikers from which to choose. Definitely worth the trip.  I counted at least 16 of them in the box.  I left one and took a couple, figured it would be good to get them back into circulation. 

And one last stop at Anime Ice Cream on the way home.  There was no ice cream to be had but beautiful views and the smell of Spring in the air.  What was that groundhog thinking?!