Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Different Kind of Hunting Season

Alas, hunting season is over and a different kind of "hunting" season begins for us.  We headed back to Raymond J. Syrjala Conservation Area and hunted some unusual Cape Characters.  

We had a delightful stroll and didn't hear a single gunshot this time.    

Hydeez Mom was with us this time and we cut through the bog because it was so beautiful the first time we wanted to share it again with her.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rail Trail

The natives needed some physical activity so we headed to the rail trail.  We usually head south when we ride so this time we decided to change things up and headed north.  We took a quick pit stop and I rummaged through the woods to find Breakwater, Grrrr!  We were very disappointed to come up short on the banana.  Maybe someone did steal it.

We were concerned about all of the sounds of gunshots, especially when we saw what we assumed to be a hunter's truck parked there, reminiscent of the thwarted unusual cape characters hike.

But shortly we saw a man come by with his dog.  When we asked him about the gunshots he explained that a firing range was nearby.

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Bog

The bog was gorgeous.  The color was bursting and the sun was warm and bright.  A perfect day for a hike.  The Caped Coder came along and brought Mip.  Was with my posse of E man, TNT, and Hot Lava.

At one point the nerf football landed in the bog. TNT hopped in and did a dolphin dive out.

All of that military action obviously paid off because the moves were very impressive and not even a toe got wet.

In addition to the usual Cape characters, we made some other friends as well including the ghost Phineas.  We very much enjoyed meeting him.

Overall a perfect start to our Easter weekend getaway.