Monday, June 28, 2010

Sea Skull Mystery

Hydeez Mom came along and we headed over to the Caped Coder's newest hide. At first we missed the little marker but I knew about where it was so we retraced our steps and found it. While admiring the swans on the pond something weird seemed to surface from the water all around them. It was like all at once a huge school of fish came up for a breath of air and actually forced several inches of their bodies up above the water line then all at once they submerged. This happened over and over again. We couldn't figure out what it was. And they seemed to move too, not always coming up for the "breath" in the exact place. It couldn't be birds because they seemed to be living in the water, although they appeared to be diving down under the water like birds. Were they toads or bullfrogs of some kind? Were they just lilly pads that the wind was blowing around? It wasn't a particularly windy day and it seemed to happen even when the wind didn't seem to be blowing. I took a picture of it but the shot doesn't do it justice. It really was an odd sight. Let me know if you have any ideas what it might be.

Once we stopped gawking at this mystery, I was elected to hike up the hill off the path to retrieve the box and on my way I had to do some high stepping over a snake! Eeeeeeeek!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Small World

HydeezMom had never been to the watershed before so we headed over to find some Pacific Northwest Natives (in the Atlantic Northeast). Seems someone had been there before us that same morning - someone from the Mid-Atlantic like us. Funny that we have to go so far to follow in the path of someone from our neck of the woods. Go figure.