Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sping has Sprung

Recently, Blue Delft and I got to corresponding about a local box-less park and today we decided to meet and check it out.  After some exchanging of images (thanks for the awesome PT and the creepy cootie), we set out on a great hike.  The park has lots of nice features: steep hills, rock walls, springs, critters, ponds, benches, thick brush, open spaces, and meadow muffins.   

We came up with loads of ideas, now to find the time to execute them...

Stay tuned! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Taking Charge

Taking charge, The Caped Coder took TNT and me along with Mip and Zip over to the Little Raccoon.  We found some cool stuff that included an animal bone, we ran into Cubed, and I witnessed a hiker wearing all white with a frilly skirt.  Girls!  smh...

Hitch Hiker Heyday

Before heading out to find the raccoon, the Caped Coder and I got to chatting about hitch hikers and how each of us was carrying several, which is unusual.  I know I'll be heading to the Cape over Easter so I'm holding onto a few to drop off there.  Anyway, we decided to check out what each other had and ended up swapping a few.  I think hitch hikers are super fun - such a great treat when you find one. We are pleased to say that currently the following hitch hikers are being well looked after for now.  Pretty soon they will all be dropped off at destinations unknown.  State Abbreviation: PA, State Abbreviation: NJ, Felix the Cat, Looking for Adventure, Two for the Road, HG2, and Dos, which picked up a super duper fun and creepy STD known as Genital Warts.  Perhaps one of these gems will show up in one of your finds soon!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Missing Tile

I absolutely love Krap Ytnuoc Noxin. It is one of the best little gems that York has to offer, IMHO.  I gathered up a car-full and headed over to enjoy the beautiful day. I wanted to check out a tile that promised to be awesome. We struggled a bit to find the tree with the baby tree growing out of it.  Seems like a weird thing, why would a tree have another tree growing out of it?  But when we saw it we knew. 

I've had compass problems in the past (aka operator error - sometimes I do better without relying on that thing) so I checked a 9 step radius around the tree with the baby tree.  No luck.  We did find this cool tree with a metal "tongue" sticking out like it was mocking me.  Ha!  We headed back empty handed but thoroughly enjoyed the walk. 

I heard later that the box was missing after all.  Bummer.  I hope Blue Delft replaces it.