Friday, November 21, 2014

Much Needed Maintenance

Blue Delft and I met at one of my favorite spots, Nixon Park. We began by bundling up (it was very chilly) and heading down the connecting trail for TNT’s self-portrait. Recent finders had commented that there were trees down in the area and much overgrowth. But I was bound and determined to find it. Blue Delft was very patient as it took some doing. Two large trees had fallen over the exact spot where the self-portrait lay. I poked and strained and dug and pulled and came up successful! 

Next, we headed over to take a peek at Hop Along Home (doing fine) and headed up the steps to the Geology Trail.  From there we tucked our boxes in for the winter and checked on some others too: Oh Fudge, Way to Go, 3rd on the 6th, a delft tile and Nixon (weird… I felt like I was being watched...). We also found a new spot for the self-portrait.

After crossing over to the other side of the park we found and pulled Blast Off. I believe this was the first box that E man and I planted together, nearly 8 years ago. It was badly in need of repair. The stamp itself as well as the logbook were both completely rotten. Ick.
The sorry state of Blast Off! Definitely time to retire!

Then we looped around and enjoyed 37. It had been a while since I visited so I was rewarded with some new images for my logbook. Next, we tried to find the rebel base. We came up short with Luke as well as with Darth.

A fun, cold, and very productive day. All safe and sound for the winter.

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